Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Quest to Unleash the Beast of Affordable Care

No I didn't read it. Neither did anyone else. No one actually wrote it either. It came from above, similar to the way we got the Bible and The Weather Channel. It resides in a super secret room next to a nice leather chair that no one is aloud to sit in until King Arthur comes back and is able to pull the Red Ribbon out from under it. Then he can sit in the chair and he will become the first person to ever read it.
I'm here to inform you that the ultimate quest has only just begun. However, the Wizard needs food in order to find the remaining six talisman that will help find the chosen one with enough stamina, ritalin, and midichlorians to unwrap the beast of affordable healthcare in America. The first stage is complete. The dragon was appeased and Congress received the Power of "I'm rubber and you're glue, anything it says bounces off us and sticks to you." They will be shielded from all negative effects of the financial cauldron being brewed for some beautiful princess asleep in a cottage with 3 dying kids because their fairy godmother had to drop their insurance and pay the penalty or risk losing her business of making pumpkin chariots. But there is a Dark Knight arising from the east by the name of State's Attorneys General

We can only hope that King Arthur will be found and we can finally see what's in it, because that's why we passed it.