Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Meme For All You Pokemon Go Players

Monday, July 25, 2016

20,000 Emails Under the DNC (Good Wife Season 5 Spoiler, sorta)

Emails, Emails, Emails. It seems that the Democrats have a leakage problem.  Days before the Hillary Coronation Event, otherwise known as the Democratic National Convention, an email server sprung a leak, and all of a sudden, everyone is in an uproar about the Democratic Party strategizing against Bernie Sanders in the Presidential Primaries this year.  This isn't some regular "uproar" where people get their undergarments all knotted and twisted. The knotting and twisting has completely taken over the outergarments as well and is threatening bodily accessories items like neckties and iWatches.

Immediate casualties seem to be minimal. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is resigning and being booed everywhere she goes. And Hillary falls down a small hole that she is more than capable of crawling out of as long as those folks in power are still able to come through on their promise to give her a shot at being crowned President.

Bernie Sanders is handling it as well as he could. It's like he was always the kid picked last for a basketball team in gym class, and this time he was picked second because all the cool kids were rooting for him liked they rooted for Rudy Ruettiger at Notre Dame. Then, all of sudden after the emails leaked, he realized that he might have actually gotten picked first if it wasn't for the P.E. teacher and that one guy who smelled like beef stew by the end of the day.

Oddly enough, Bernie seems to be enjoying the uproar and hearing everyone's voices get higher and louder on talk shows. He's made mention of the resignation and seems to think that's a good idea, but he's laying pretty low at this point. He's playing it smart because he's the martyr in all of this, and it's elevating him from the position of a "defeated underdog" to a "legitimate contender" in the eyes of a lot of hopeless 99-percenters, which, if you count it all up, is about 9 percent of us.

My biggest concern in all of this is not the act of colluding against competitors or even the leaking/hacking of the emails. The concern is the fact that public seems legitimately surprised that this was happening. Watch the Good Wife.  It will be eye opening and begin to make a lot of sense. It will help you with that Red Pill you took.

What you should be realizing is that this year's DNC is the culmination of everything that happened during Bill Clinton's administration, and how he was able to escape from the political death trap he had created for himself. Hillary sacrificed herself by putting up with all the shenanigans, and her nomination is the reward that she gets for everything she put up with all those years. There were many meetings in smoke filled rooms with lots of books and whiskey glasses back in the 90's. Every important democrat did his part to convince Hillary that she had to stand up next to her husband, and that her solidarity with him would secure his place of power despite his penchant for beautiful interns and his ability to lie so convincingly. They had to give her something in return and this was it. It was all in a secret book passed down from DNC Chairman to DNC Chairman. HILLARY MUST WIN THE NOMINATION BECAUSE SHE DID EVERYTHING WE ASKED HER TO DO BACK IN THE 90's. And then it listed everything she did back in the 90's from giving Bill a hug to fetching coffee for his interns.

I could have told you this was going to happen after watching season 5 of the Good Wife.