Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome 2016

     Things I'm excited about in 2016
1. Disney is releasing a Pete's Dragon movie
2. The U.S. presidential election
3. Hoverboards
4. Ultra HD broadcasts (4k)
5. The Superbowl and the 2016 Redskins
6. iPhone 7
7. The Olympics
8. Virtual Reality
9. Smart Cars
10. and Leap Day February 29th 

    People are becoming resolute today. Enrollment is up at the gym, and Phillip Morris is once again bracing for low numbers in January. I'm sure you've seen a multitude of "Year in Review" episodes, and you'll probably see many more, because you've already forgotten so much and want to see if others remember what you did. We can expect some things to happen, and yet there is also much anticipation for things we can't expect. 
     Last year gave us a boatload of record breaking cinema, bizarre entertainment news, and the beginning of an exciting presidential race. However, 2015 was also over-shadowed by horrific violence at the hands of dastardly people and organizations. As a world we were knocked down more times in one year than I can remember. I don't know if the actual statistics are up, or if I'm just noticing them more because I have a growing family to worry about.
    Despite the awesomeness, the sour notes, the useless cultural epithets and the things that made us laugh, 2015 is now history. Some things were recorded with graphic detail, others are a pixelated recollection. Events of the world and the days of our lives might become a vague memory while most things will be forgotten, yet I'm oddly hopeful.
     I hope this past year teaches our leaders and helps them grow wiser to the plans of evil doers, so we can thwart more villains and bring more peace. I hope generosity and gratitude increases, so the less fortunate become more hopeful and the more fortunate become more socially aware of injustice. I hope the weather systems balance and seasons change appropriately, so farmers can be confident in their crops and I don't have to pay so much for food. For my sake, I hope nostalgia in the arts continues, so I can continue to share my childhood with my own children. But for my children's sake, I hope that there is an increase in fresh, cool ideas and stories to build their own memories and experiences with. 
      I wish everyone out there strength to deal with the downs of the new year and humility to deal with the ups.