Monday, February 22, 2016

A Theory About What's Really Going on in The Walking Dead

I was thinking about The Walking Dead universe the other day and season one and all the craziness Rick encountered when he woke up out of that coma in the first episode and this thought occurred to me: 
What if what's really going on is Rick actually died in that hospital in Episode 1, and now he's in a pre-hell kind of place with a bunch of other people who don't realize they died, but this place isn't hell like we know it, but its actually still earth, but its a different plane of existence, so all the zombies that they see are actually just normal selfish, dead, ugly souls of living people walking around here on earth, because that's how we look to someone who is walking around actually dead. Every time a zombie takes a head-shot, the person who's soul that represents in the real world actually becomes someone with a decent heart and a living spirit. Soooo in essence what Rick and his crew and anyone else trying to survive are actually doing is saving the whole human race from the same eternal damnation they are experiencing by helping them get to heaven.
Maybe just a stupid fan theory and possibly one that's already out there, but the thought just occurred to me today so I had to give it legs just in case in the series finale all gets revealed and I turn out to be right and Robert Kirkman gives me an award for figuring out the biggest twist in TV/Comic Book history.

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